Cardi B's fashion sense never ceases to amaze, and her '90s-inspired "In Living Color" outfit was a showstopper. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of her iconic look and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to recreate it. Get ready to turn heads and channel Cardi's bold style!

The Inspiration 

Cardi B's outfit was a tribute to the classic '90s sketch comedy show "In Living Color." She effortlessly blended nostalgia with modern flair, proving that '90s fashion is far from outdated.

Analyzing Cardi B's '90s "In Living Color" Outfit 

To successfully replicate Cardi's look, you need to break it down piece by piece. Let's examine the key elements:

  1. Neon Color Palette: Cardi wore a neon green bodysuit, complete with matching accessories like gloves and sunglasses. Neon was all the rage in the '90s, and it's making a comeback today.

  2. Fishnet Tights: Underneath her bodysuit, Cardi sported fishnet tights, adding an edgy touch.

  3. Belted Waist: A black belt cinched her waist, giving the outfit a structured look.

  4. Platform Sneakers: She completed the ensemble with platform sneakers, another '90s staple that's back in vogue.

Getting the Look 

Now, let's explore how to recreate Cardi B's '90s "In Living Color" outfit:

  1. Choosing the Bodysuit: Start by finding a neon green bodysuit that fits you well. Remember, comfort is key.

  2. Accessorizing: Hunt for matching neon accessories such as gloves and sunglasses. Thrift stores and online retailers often have affordable options.

  3. Fishnet Tights: Layer your bodysuit with fishnet tights to capture that '90s edge.

  4. The Belt: A wide black belt is a crucial element of the outfit. Make sure it accentuates your waist.

  5. Platform Sneakers: Seek out platform sneakers in a complementary color. White or black sneakers work well here.

Hair and Makeup 

To truly embody Cardi B's '90s-inspired look, pay attention to your hair and makeup:

  1. Hair: Opt for a sleek, high ponytail with some hair extensions for volume, or go for a bold bob with a neon-colored wig.

  2. Makeup: Embrace vibrant eyeshadows and bold lips. Don't forget to contour your face for that '90s definition.

Confidence Is Key 

Cardi B's style isn't just about the clothes; it's about confidence. Wear this outfit with pride, and you'll capture the essence of her iconic look.


You're now ready to slay in Cardi B's '90s "In Living Color" inspired outfit. Embrace the boldness of the '90s and make this style your own!

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